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Lynell Jackson's "Time Twister" with three 12" parachutes

Lynell Jackson's "Time Twister" with three 12" parachutes

All eleven solid-colored chutes are fabricated from spectacularly vibrant ripstop nylon, but the material properties can vary from color to color.

All colors except Hawk Camouflage, Midnight Blue Jay, and Featherweight Yellow are constructed from 1.7 oz single-calendered ripstop nylon. Hawk Camouflage and Midnight Blue Jay have a polyurethane coating. Featherweight Yellow is constructed from thin mill 1.1 oz nylon ripstop, which fits well inside narrow BT-50 body tubes (e.g. Estes Alpha).

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RocketChutes.com has been providing quality ripstop nylon parachutes since 2007, when a plastic parachute failed and ruined our favorite rocket. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent products both quickly and at a low cost. Please email us any questions and comments!